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Vienna Teng – Cover of “Higher Ground” by Kyler England

Vienna Teng does a beautiful cover of “Higher Ground” by Kyler England.  The first recording below is of Kyler England with Vienna Teng on piano.

Higher Ground

Kyler England with Vienna Teng

shn Little Fox – Redwood City, CA – 2004.12.08

Vienna Teng

flac house concert – Oakland, CA – 2005.03.11
flac Lamb’s Players Theatre – Coronado, CA – 2005.03.13
flac The Ark – Ann Arbor, MI – 2005.04.15 – 8PM

Listen to samples from the album A Flower Grows in Stone by Kyler England:

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Vienna Teng – Live at Six String Cafe – Cary, NC – April 16, 2004

Vienna Teng performed with Kyler England at Six String Cafe in Cary, North Carolina on April 16, 2004.  View the set list.  These mp3 files were originally made available by ballegre until running out of disk space and are being hosted again here.

Set 1 – Vienna Teng

Set 3 – Vienna Teng & Kyler England

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